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Our Mission

“The schooling system is such an irrelevant institution in its current format”

— Nik Halik in The Thrillionaire

Do you agree with Nik? Millions of people around the world are frustrated with what our current educational systems fail to teach us about the most important topic – happiness. What is worse, systems we live in are based on competition, constant pressure and stress, making things even worse. Many people live their life with extremely low mood and some of them experience even depression or burnouts. slide1This is partially due to the fact that they have not been taught or have not learned themselves how to live a truly happy, healthy and meaningful life.

Happily it is never too late to catch up. We at MyHappyfication are helping to fill this educational gap by teaching people the roots of happiness, what to do to significantly enhance their social relationships, and many more life-improving content.

MyHappyfication provides you with techniques to facilitate living a healthy and meaningful life


Do you feel unhappy or tired? Are you searching for your true passion and mission in life? Do you want to adopt a healthier and more positive lifestyle?
We believe that you need to master the 9 essential pillars of personal growth (inner strength, positive thinking, focus, nutrition, sports, meditation, comfort zone, relationships, personal vision) to grow to your full potential and live a stress-free, happy, and fulfilled life. For each dimension we aggravate the most valuable, scientifically-proven and renowned content and make it available for you on our blog.

You consider yourself happy or actually are happy? MyHappyfication is more. Happyfication is the process of acquiring and practicing concepts that enable long-lasting personal growth & happiness. Our apps and content can help you to increase your happiness, energy and health even more, bringing your personality to a whole new level.

From time to time we will publish new FREE personal growth apps (check out our Happy Diary to practice gratitude!) that support you on your individual Happyfication. Furthermore, we will publish a holistic system called “The 9 essential pillars of personal growth” in the near future that will guide you through all pillars with step-by-step instructions and keep you motivated to transform your life and become a better YOU!

We want to make a contribution to the world by having the number of depressions and burnouts decrease, and more people live in the present and do what they really want to do, ultimately making them feel happier and more fulfilled in life. People should get exposed to life-improving ideas in as many places and situations as possible, e.g. in companies, or in their leisure time, as constant digital fellow. We want that young people get exposed to those life-improving techniques and knowledge before confronted with negative experiences and struggles in their student and work-life. As a result, they are better prepared to cope with and overcome those issues in the right way, and can quickly continue to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.


Thus, we also want to bring our life lessons to people sitting in cafés and bars all around the world, putting a smile on their faces while enjoying their café and conversation with a friend, raising their awareness of being grateful and happy. Like us on Facebook to be the first to know when we launch a revolutionary new café concept.

Moreover, we created MyHappySchool, an institution to educate young adults about happiness and health. We achieve our aim through the organization of workshops and camps. During our programs youth will have the chance to not only gather knowledge in the key areas of happiness but also immediately apply corresponding techniques and tips in practice.

Do you also think that our education system needs to change? That we need more happiness in today’s corporate world? Then follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus! Come and join us on our mission to spread more TRUE and LASTING HAPPINESS among people all around the world.

Are you ready to start your journey to a better YOU?

Life is beautiful! If you can’t feel it, see it and enjoy every day

— let Happyfication guide you to a happier tomorrow!

Our Team

Each of us experienced tremendous personal growth in the last few years by incorporating life-improving techniques. We are well-read in the personal growth literature including the latest scientific results covering topics of happiness, meditation, goal-setting, personal productivity as well as literature about nutrition and other relevant topics. Currently we enjoy a happy and fulfilling life and therefore we want to share our knowledge and experience in this field with you. What we teach is based on latest research and practice that already helped millions of adults.
Furthermore, we have a large network of experts in the areas of personal development, health, and psychology, and will introduce active supporters soon.
Finally, we are big believers in technology as a huge facilitator for improving peoples lives and have the expertise in the development of top-notch web and mobile applications.

We all share the passion to support others in realizing their full potential.

Laura Hincenberga

Kristina Gondova

Our Mission

The mission of Happyfication Inc. is to make the world a happier and better place by providing education on happiness and personal growth to people of all ages, bringing life-improving wisdom into schools and companies around the world.

Our Partners and Supporters


Darren-OConnor I can highly recommend working with Stefan and his team. Authentic, compelling, and inspiring. Be ready to learn very fast how to live a stress-free, balanced, and fulfilled life. — Darren OConnor, Personal Trainer

Chip-Conley Together with his extraordinary team at MyHappyfication, Stefan teaches scientifically-proven practices and innovative concepts that help people to explore their true self, to radiate positivism and to ultimately access their full potential. Inspirational and compelling! — Chip Conley, chipconley.com

Cynthia-Wong Stefan and his team are dedicated to making the world a better and happier place. Partner with them to grow yourself and the people in your organization to more balanced, positive, and healthy individuals. — Cynthiã Wõng, theincitement.com

Roland-Mirabueno Stefan is an epic example of how to focus on happiness. I completely admire his dedication to shaping the life that he wants. — Roland Mirabueno, maximizeconversion.com

Issac Newton To tackle today’s increasing depression and burnout rates, young people must learn the secrets of happiness and success in life. The team at MyHappyfication is doing an impressive and praisable job in preparing young people for their adult age. — Isaac Newton Acquah, Entrepreneur and World Traveler

Emily-Filloramo Stefan is a master of staying calm and relaxed in any situation by understanding the secrets of inner happiness and a stress-free life. — Emily Filloramo, successandjoynow.com


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