Visualize your ideal future

Natalie Ledwell

Interview with Natalie Ledwell

Many thanks to Natalie for having the chance to chat with her and share her inspiring life journey with you!

Natalie, why did you feel stuck in life at some point?
I had several “offline” companies (e.g. coffee franchises, nightclubs) started over the years, but it was all about the money, thus it was not fulfilling. Inherited from my parents, I had an automated thinking that it is all about the money, which is a hindering belief for true fulfillment and success. I wanted to have the satisfying feeling of helping people and making a difference for them, as I had it at the beginning of my career when I worked in the fitness industry.

So what did you do about it?
Actually, at that time Ryan my business partner came up with a new idea (which is now known as after being embarrassed with a vision board he had created in 2006, and after watching the movie ‘The Secret’. Although I had no clue about the internet at that time, I was so convinced about the idea that I decided to fully commit myself to it. When people were starting to give me positive feedback (“hey Natalie, thanks so much, this is changing my life”) I felt the kind of satisfaction I was missing, assuring me that I’m on the right track. During that foundation process is was strengthening my belief system which I believe helped me to achieve tremendous success with that business.

How were you able to change your beliefs?
A few months before the launch of I met an NLP trainer, who made me aware of my limiting beliefs. He made me realize that I can influence my thoughts in order to realize my dreams.
After the meeting, the first step was to simply recognize all my negative thoughts by noting them down. In a second step I wrote down the thoughts that I actually wanted to have, for instance to easily create wealth in my life, to have an abundance of money, or to make a lasting impact on many peoples’ lives. And the third crucial step was to visualize all those experiences I wanted to have on a daily basis. Over time, this basically reprogrammed my brain.
Another key event in my life happened when I saw the movie the Secret: a light ball went off for me! It was the missing piece in my life to realize that I just needed to believe in something and take action, and be less methodical than I have been. I started to read more inspirational content from the people in the movie (e.g. Bob Proctor).

Was it an easy process?
In the beginning I had to be very patient and conscious. I always had to remind myself of doing it and urging myself to do it. The longer I continued to do it the more I built my belief to make everything happen that I wanted. Besides, I had people around me who believed in me and my ideas.

How did you get exposed to and learn to be positive and visualize your future?
When I was working in the fitness industry at an age of 21 my boss gave me
motivational material in form of cassettes to listen to (e.g. series by Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Thinking Grow Rich). It became a regular habit for me to digest this kind of content and helped me to set ambitious goals for myself.

Thus, being introduced to motivational stuff early on shaped my believe that I can have everything that I want and that I was in full control of my life. Besides, I was influenced by positive people around me and always a confident person which helped me obviously.

Do we all need to struggle before we can realize our true potential?
I believe that we are all here on our own journey learning our own lessons in our own time. There is the saying that when the student is ready to teach it will appear. You can be in front of all the information and still not realize its magic, but there can be one incident or one person you identify with who says it in a way that you understand or who has similar personal experiences. Thus, stay open to meet new people and always strive for personal growth. At some point you will face this “aha point” in your life and for everyone that can be different. For me it was watching the Secret.

How could you achieve success in a business you were a total newbie?
My sheer determination and confidence made me attend a live event of top marketers and convince Guru Frank Kern to mentor me and get introduced to other marketers. By that, we were surrounded by people who helped and inspired us, people who were already insanely successful. Making $700k in one week was the outcome for me, starting with a subscriber list of 8,000 people.

Why do you think your customers like to purchase your products and thus you run a successful business?
I am authentic and show my true personality. People want someone they can relate to, not just listen to theory but also to other peoples’ experiences they can relate to.

What would you recommend those who are currently in a similar situation than you have been, struggling to find something they are truly passionate about?
Take some quiet time to find out what you are good at and can make money out of. You can use passion tests on the internet. Identify what you really like to do. Then once you start researching and taking action into your new direction, begin to visualize what it could be like. When you work in the right direction things start to fall in your place, meaning the path will unfold for you. So make sure that you constantly reflect and at some point know that you are on the right track. Do not stress, just go step-by-step. Every day you make small steps towards the right direction is a good day. Acknowledge that it takes time and be grateful for all the little wings on the way. Appreciate how good you feel when you pursue your passion, keeping you motivated to go further. And along the journey, make sure you make a decision that you are happy no matter what.

Thank you Natalie! To sum up, we can take away the following main learnings:

  • Take your time to identify what you really love to do and that it is something that provides value not just to you but also to others
  • Network and be around people who are positive and successful
  • If necessary dive into top-notch personal growth material and apply techniques to adopt a truly positive and ambitious attitude towards life without limiting beliefs
  • Visualize your perfect future on a regular basis
  • Make small steps towards your new self, remember it is all about the journey