Move baby steps towards your best self

Steve Olsher

Interview with Steve Olsher

Many thanks to Steve for having the chance to chat with him and share his inspiring life journey with you!

Steve, why did you feel stuck in life at some point?
Being an entrepreneur for more than 25 years, I have always been focusing on chasing the all-mighty dollar, which probably originates from my childhood. Seeing my grand-father having his own company also made me see that this was possible and it seemed natural for me to do. However, seeing my step-father in his last days, I realized that people would not remember me for something that I’m proud of. I wanted to create something meaningful for others.

So what did you do about it?
I always knew that my gift lies in communication through writing, speaking, and teaching. I especially always loved writing. Thus, I started to write as I felt I had valuable life experiences to share that could potentially help others.

Where do you see yourself now?
I see myself closer than ever to my true what, but I believe it is an ongoing process to work towards it and adapt along the journey. Even when I got on the New York bestseller list, I was frustrated not to be Nr. 1. With my drive for perfectionism (originated from my family), things often did not happen as quickly as I would like them to do. Thus, self-esteem and depression are always part of my whole life.

How do you get out of your down times?
To some extent it is simply a waiting game. But I observed that the more I get out of my head the easier it is. I need to go out there, do something, play music, volunteer, and work to get my negative thoughts out of my head.

Are you not just avoiding to deal with your thoughts?
Good question. I do not think so. You move forward and at some point you jump out of the trench and never get back. Many of us get stuck in the trench and do not get out of it. We need to make a big step to do that, as small steps might not be enough. I set big goals to have a reason every morning to not dwell on my negative thoughts but rather work on my future. However, being a realist, I say it is not easy to get out of it and amazing things take a long time. Unfortunately we live in an instant gratification time, thus people give up too early. You need to be patient and give yourself the time and permission to have great things happen in your life. While continuously moving forward and working on your goals, things that bothered you a lot will start to bother you less over time.

What would you recommend those who are currently in a similar situation than you have been, struggling to find something they are truly passionate about and dwelling in self-doubts?
Understand where you want to go and what your objectives are. Then shrink them into small pieces you can work on as otherwise you get overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. Create baby steps that help you along your path.

And as an important side note do not quite your day job too fast. Remember that you need time to get a master in the area you want to get your foot into. Be realistic, start the process slowly. Simply recognizing that you are in the transitionary state is enough in the beginning and gives you the fuel to move further.

I recommend reading my book What is your WHAT (you can get a free copy at to help you along your journey. All techniques that I teach in this book have helped myself in the past to find my passion.

Where do you get your inspiration and motivation from?
I really enjoy reading autobiographies as I have a large interest in understanding how people managed to get from where they started to where they are now. For instance, I enjoy reading about Sam Walton, Richard Branson, or Steve Jobs.

Thank you Steve! To sum up, we can take away the following main learnings:

  • Your main business drive should not be money, but something more intrinsically meaningful
  • Set big and ambitious goals for yourself
  • Be clear about what you really want to do in your life that is meaningful and exploiting your core strengths
  • Give yourself time and go baby steps towards a better YOU