Funny commercial about milk and Red Bull highlights today’s plague of unhealthy artificial products

Petutschnig Hons, an angry Austrian farmer, makes a bold statement for milk in this video. Although it is quite funny, it helps us to remember that we should resist the mass of unhealthy artificial products that exist nowadays, and have more natural products in our diet.

Those artificial things like soda or sweets that we do not even know exactly what ingredients they consist of have become so institutionalized in the supermarkets and in our brain and thus in our buying preferences, that we tend to not even question them anymore. We get blended by the (admittedly great) advertising and branding of products like Red Bull or Coca Cola.

Whenever you go shopping, keep that in mind when you reach for the soda and hopefully most times you go to the fruits section instead and mix your own fruits drink at home. Your body and health will appreciate it.

But do not forget that also milk is something you might not want to drink too often or even avoid completely, as there is more and more evidence that milk might encourage heart diseases and other serious illnesses.

“I know what is inside the milk. In one liter milk, there is one liter milk.”