How to spend a day alone without regrets but full of joy and happiness

Alone-But-Happy As an introvert I spend the majority of my days alone and I love it! You wonder how this is possible?

It all depends how you think and feel about spending the day just with you. Remember: Your thoughts control your mood! Are you tending to complain that none of your friends has time for you? Are you someone who gets easily bored without regular social activities, or who feels awkward eating alone in a restaurant? Then reflect on whether you really love yourself 100%! Also, you might simply not be aware of or avoiding the activities that you like to do most. In that case appreciate your privacy time while alone and use your personal space for self-discovery.

Here are some great tips on how to spend a day alone; — AND full of pleasure, energy, and happiness:

1. Plan your day
The day before think through what you enjoy doing and schedule enough time for it. You have not eaten your favorite ice cream for months? You still have not seen the DVD that is lying around for weeks? You wanted to check out the new restaurant around your corner?

2. Meditate in the morning and visualize your perfect day
It is YOUR day and you will only pleasure yourself, so start your day to relax and connect with your mind. Go through everything you are grateful for and visualize all the great activities that you will do today and feel the positive emotions you associate with them.

3. Bring yourself into a positive mood
This can be dancing like crazy to some of your favorite songs or singing under the shower. Hint: nobody will notice! :-)

4. Do only good to your body and mind
Nobody distracts you on that day, thus take this opportunity to be alert on what you do to your body and mind: Eat healthy, only talk positive to yourself and enjoy every minute you spend with yourself. Smile.

5. Exercise
You do not need anyone to keep your body in shape. Afterwards you will feel positive for many hours, thus almost nothing can decrease your positive energy for the rest of the day. Exercising prevents negative emotions.

6. Go for a walk and enjoy all the little details around you
Stand still or sit on a bench. Observe the people around you. Notice every little detail about your city or environment. Maybe it is the beautiful architecture of the buildings around you or the flowers and trees in a park. Slow down.

7. Eat your favorite meal
Go to one of your favorite restaurants ALONE. Do not play with your phone while waiting for your order. You can also cook one of your favorite meals at home, automatically improving your cooking skills.

8. Try out something new
Read and learn about a new subject you were always curious about. Explore a new area in your city. Remember, you can do whatever the hell you want, no need to consider the preferences of others.

9. Reflect at the end of the day
How did you feel about your day? Would you like to repeat it? Write down the 3 things that you liked most about your day or that you were grateful for. What would you want to do differently next time?

How do you spend your lonely days to make you happy? Let us know in the comments.