7 reasons why you should start your own blog to find your true purpose in life

start_a_blog You feel your current job is not fulfilling you? You want to do something else but do not know what? An easy way to start your journey towards a more exciting and fulfilling life is to simply start your own blog.
Here are 7 compelling reasons why:

1. You spend more time to deal with your interests
Choose topics that you are deeply interested in. You love watching tennis? Start a tennis blog. You are travelling all the time? Then you should consider sharing your travel experiences with the world! You are a talented leisure-time guitar player or building your own technical gadgets? Why are you not sharing your talents with people? During boring work days you will look forward to the evenings and weekends to share your unique experiences and interests. Everyone has something important to say that will be interesting to others.

2. Over time you become an expert in your blogging field and recognized as such on the web
Writing your own blog posts will sharpen your critical thinking abilities and help you to acquire more and more knowledge about your favorite topics. You will always stay up-to-date with the latest news and become an opinion-leader yourself.

3. You are likely getting into the magic state of flow
As we explain in our post about the magic flow, when you do something that you truly like and you are really good at it, you will enter the state of flow, which will make you joyful and happy.

4. You will receive positive feedback from like-minded people
People will start to visit your blog and like your content if it is good. You will get your own fans and feel good about it. They will cheer you up and make you continue to blog!

5. You get in contact with like-minded people
Your fans are likely those people who share your passion about the same topics. This is awesome. You might make new friends you share an interest with. Or it even leads to new business opportunities for you. With a blog you can get in contact with people from all over the world.

6. You get closer to your real purpose in life and thus amazing things will happen
What can not be explained but has been true for so many successful entrepreneurs, once you start to make steps towards something that is more meaningful and relevant to you and that you truly like to do, life will help you and open new opportunities for you. Suddenly you will generate new ideas, get connected with key people, get a clearer picture of how your future can look like and how you can even make money in your fields of interest.

7. You contribute to something bigger than you which makes you a more positive and mature human being
Sharing your honest and relevant wisdom provides value to other people in the world. Depending on your content, you make them smile, laugh, reflect, or cry. You might even be the one who helps them improve their lives or identify a new hobby and passion.

love blogging

So what are you waiting for? What is holding you back? Let us know what you would like to blog about or already do blog about in the comments.